Deep Root Feeding/Fertilization

Deep Root Feeding for Trees

There are several factors that ensure the growth of healthy trees. Having good nutrient dense soil is one of them. With the help of Forest Hill Forestry, we can provide your trees with deep root fertilization. Trees require a proper balance of nutrients in the soil to stay healthy and to have a long life span. With the help of our deep root feeding procedures, the soil will become richer in nutrients and it will help the soil to aerate, providing it with the oxygen it needs. Many trees do not get the nutrients they need for their healthy growth. With the help of deep root fertilization, these deficiencies can be resolved.

The Benefits

After having a deep root fertilization treatment there are several benefits that your tree will have. The process will promote plant root growth. During the season the trees will be fuller with more foliage. It will prevent the trees from certain tree diseases and pest infestations. It helps to aerate the soil and it helps to resolve the issue of compact soil. Overall it improves the health and longevity of the tree. If you think that your trees need deep root fertilization then contact our team today.

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