Arborist Services and Arborist Reports

Arborist Report

Our arborists focus on the health and safety of the trees. The Arborists at Forest Hill Forestry have in-depth knowledge of tree growth, tree diseases, reactions to pruning and many other tree related issues. We provide in depth arborists reports and assessments on any type of tree. Many cities such as the City of Toronto require you to have a permit to remove a tree over 30cm DBH on your property. In order to obtain a permit you will need a professional arborist report to submit to the city. At Forest Hill Forestry we are a one-stop-shop for the tree removal process. If your tree requires a permit to remove, we will provide you with an estimate and full service solution. If you decide to remove your tree through our company we will create the arborist report and submit the application to the city on your behalf. Let us take the hassle out of dealing with the city and permits for you. Whether you require tree removal services, construction or non-construction related arborist reports, or even just a general assessment of your tree, our arborist services surely can help you with the right solutions.

We provide Arborist Reports

Arborist reports are needed for several different purposes with the help of our arborist services we can provide you will a detailed report. Our team is qualified and licensed. Our arborist specialists can provide you with a comprehensive report with their expert knowledge and skill, without any delays. Arborist reports play a vital role in permit applications, construction projects and general health assessments. To avoid unnecessary delays in the project it is always a wise decision to have the site evaluated by the arborist. Contact Forest Hill Forestry today for a free estimate.


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