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If your yard is plagued by one or more unsightly tree stumps, consider grinding the stump of your yard. Stump grinding service that can eliminate unwanted stumps after a tree dies, falls, or needs to be removed. We offer various tree care services including stump removal and grinding. There are a number of reasons why you might benefit from our services.

Our Stump Grinding Services and Why you Should Choose US
Improve Aesthetics and Beauty

If you want clean grass, fences, and impeccable landscaping, then a tree stump does not do your yard any good. Stump grinding is an inexpensive service that can greatly enhance the appearance of your item and increase its value. If you have a small yard, the tree trunk can take up a lot of space above the ground, making it difficult to clean the ground or the garden around it. Removing a stump can make room for a variety of garden elements such as a flower bed, table, and chairs.


Improved Safety

Tree stumps present a great deal of discomfort when it comes to cutting your lawn, which requires careful movement, and accidental grass cutting can severely damage your lawnmower. Medical degrees also pose a travel risk in your yard and are especially dangerous if you have children or adults living in your home.

Avoid Unwanted Growths and Pests

When a tree stump is left behind in the ground, it can cause new trees to grow around it. Usually, new growth from a tree stump causes a cluster of tiny trees to sprout beneath it. In addition to the unsightly appearance, this group of small trees can damage any nearby plants as they will absorb water and nutrients from the soil to grow.

Heavy and High-Tech Equipment Usage

We use modern technology to treat stumps ranging from small to large, reducing stumps into chips without disturbing the environment. As long as you leave your stump rotten or put chemicals in it, it will mean the addition of undesirable substances, such as disease. If you have the base of your stump somewhere from 8 to 10 below your surface, it will only take a professional like us to remove it. Once you have hired us, you will give your yard a new clean slate. You can design a completely new yard to renovate your space in that area. Also, you can just be satisfied knowing that green grass can thrive where the stump is.


Get Rid of Annoying Stumps with Our Stump Grinding

Another reason you like to get a stump removed is that the stump usually does not look so good. And if it can be something you can accept as time goes on, it may not be the way other people see it. Also, if you want to sell your house, you want to make sure it is removed. Tree stumps removed will make the look of the house clean, and proper care will be taken care of. Removing the stumps will quickly enhance the beauty of your property. This enhances the potential cost of the asset and its positive appeal. Contact us at Forest Hill Forestry for Stump grinding cost.

Get a Spacious Yard

Besides beauty, space is also an important factor, especially if your yard is small. The tree stump will take up space in the area that can be used for other yard materials. Grinding the stump gives you backspace, both above and below ground.

Get Forest Hill Forestry’s Stump Grinding Services


Forest Hill Forestry has been in tree care business since the beginning and manages trees of every type and kind. Over the years, we have built a reputation as one of the leading tree care companies in the state. We are specialists in the tree maintenance industry. We know that finding experienced people who can grind or remove tree stumps is important to value of your property. Removing a tree involves more than simply cutting down branches and removing the trunk.

To fully open the space, you should consider the stump left behind. Our goal is to create a beautiful environment by removing the entire tree, including the stump. We can simply grin the stump for you or remove it properly from underneath the ground. We recommend the latter because a stump underneath can be home to pests, diseases, and whatnot.