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When trees or shrubs become damaged or die from insect damage, diseases, or natural disasters, they need to be removed. The Forest Hill Forestry Tree Service can assess your stem removal needs. We make your yard or landscaping more attractive by removing unwanted damaged tree residues. Because we are certified stump removal professionals, we are aware of the risks associated with stem removal. We always recommend that you allow a professional to remove your tree stump.

When customers contact us for stump removal, we use our state-of-the-art technology to remove the stump and all remaining roots safely. Cutting and removing a tree is only one part of the job of removing the trees – the remaining stump must be dealt with. The stump of the tree can be discarded in one of two ways – removal or grinding. Depending on the size of the tree, the size of its roots. Other factors, you may choose one of these options to remove an unsightly stump from your area. Forest Hill Forestry Tree Services has the equipment and technology for removing or grinding tree stumps of any size.

Stump removal involves cutting the root system, then grabbing the stump mass and removing it with a machine. Removal can be difficult or impossible for large and old trees, with root systems that are very difficult to remove. Grinding the stumps allows you to avoid digging – after cutting all the parts of the tree that we can remove in the usual way, and then using a machine to grind and cut the stump into a cover and chips.  To remove a stump or safe and professional stump grinding work, call us at any time! We can even visit your site and suggest options for your tree stump removal.


Why remove the stump?

There are several reasons to remove that unsightly stump from your yard or your property. Many people try to remove stumps on their own. this is dangerous and should only be done by an expert with the right tools. All stumps have large underground roots, which can be very difficult to remove, and large stumps may require technical equipment.

Here are some common reasons for Stump Removal

  • Unattractive: Stumps are not attractive to your country. Some people prefer to use it as a feature in the garden bed, but most do not see it as a good addition and want it removed.
  • Pest Damage: Termites, ants, and other insects love wood, so if you decide not to remove the stump, you will be attracting insects in your yard or on the ground. This will put some of your plants and trees at risk of future insect damage.
  • Prevents Growth: Some of the stumps continue to grow and develop shoots, which are also unsightly in the appearance of your area. In addition, the shoots and roots continue to receive vital nutrients from the surrounding plants and trees, which can prevent them from growing fully.
  • Dangerous: Stumps left in your yard can be dangerous for those who might trip over them. Sometimes it is difficult to see the stumps where there is growth around them, so children running in the yard can seriously injure themselves if the stump is not clearly visible.
  • Disease and Infections: Stumps can be infected,such as mold,  Not removing them can cause these diseases to spread to the surrounding trees and plants, causing them to become unhealthy and brittle.

Why Choose Forest Hill Forestry as your Tree Stump Removal Expert

There are plenty of reasons to choose us as your stump removal professional. Do you have one or more unsightly stumps in your area?  Give Forest Hill Forestry a call! Forest Hill Forestry tree removal service can grind your stump and the debris left is removed and cleaned quickly. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to ensure that your stump can be removed without causing significant damage to your yard. Our experienced tree service team and stem grinding experts know how to deal with your problem effectively, giving you a clean slate to replace with whatever you like.

Clean and Attractive-Looking Yard

Removing these stumps can enhance the appearance of your property, improving the value of the property. In addition to enhancing the beauty, you should consider the space as well, especially if you have a small yard.  By grinding the stump, you can make more space above and below the ground.

No Injuries and Accidents

Sometimes it is not possible to just cut down a tree because of the place in which it is located.For example, in a city where a tree fall is too much of a risk. This also applies to our current task, in the city of toronto (Ontario). The only solution is to carefully disassemble the tree by cutting it into pieces from top to bottom. In the event that someone damages your property, you may be held liable for such damage.

No Inconvenience with our Stump Removal

Providing Disease Prevention and Disease

A dry tree trunk in your building can contain unwanted diseases or pests. . It is possible that these trees often die from the disease. By removing the stump, you can prevent the disease from spreading to other trees near the stump.

Preventing Stem Growth

Forest Hill Forestry,Removable stumps can quickly start to sprout and grow again, leading to another expensive tree-removal project. By grinding the stump, this will never happen again. . We can completely remove all the roots that are present underneath the stump. You can avoid further costs in the future.

Why Call in The Pros for Stump Removal?

If you don’t want to wait for weeks, working hours trying to remove the stump, lighting fires, or using heavy equipment, you can always hire a stump remover to help you. If you have already got our tree removal service, also ask us to remove the stump. We’ll charge you extra money, but you can negotiate good deal as we are already working with you on this. You can get a cost estimate for free by calling us. Since cost of renting stump grinder varies and ranges differently, you can actually go ahead with renting an app instead. In many cases, half the available rental facilities are not big enough for most jobs.