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Tree Doctors focus on caring for trees that are sick or need maintenance. We are experience in this field. Our experts know what is best for your trees and what should be done exactly. Hiring an arborist is a tough decision but we will lay it all out for you.  Proper care of trees is an investment that can lead to significant returns. Poorly cared-for trees can become a huge debt. Trimming trees, especially large ones can be risky. The work of the tree should be done only by those who are trained and equipped to work safely in the field

Forest Hill Forestry’s Tree Doctor Services

A tree doctor is fully trained in the skill and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining health of individual trees. We are trained tree doctors and Arborists.  We have also passed thorough examinations to get our tree care license. These are the services that you can expect from us.


Tree Planting

This is probably one of the biggest benefits that Certified Arborists like Forest Hill Forestry can offer you. If you want an increased value your property by planting certain trees then there is no better option than a tree doctor. We can recommend suitable trees for planting, where to plant them, and how to plant them safely and efficiently.

  • Tree doctors will provide protection against disease and pest growth, which is especially important for young and newly planted trees.
  • Our Arborists will their expertise from appropriate soil aeration techniques to ensure that air, water, and nutrients are absorbed by the tree’s roots.
  • We will recommend the right nutrients for certain types of trees. The pH of the soil, organic matter, and water makes a difference in how they provide fertilizer to ensure good growth and development.
  • We will help you find the right trees for your particular area, and also provide tips on the right depth of planting and the complete care and necessary care of the newly planted tree.

Pruning Services

Any tree company or tree specialist can provide pruning services with the right tools. However, a certified Arborist like Forest Hill Forestry can give you much more than your basic trimming service.

  • We will help guide young trees to build strong limbs and complete structure.
  • We will shape the tree so as not to disturb the buildings.
  • Our team will prepare the tree during the winter and help it to re-emerge by using the technique of pruning.

Tree Doctor Care and Emergency Services

Maintenance and maintenance of the tree are especially the great benefits that Forest Hill Forestry can provide to tree owners. Whether you care or not but trees need constant care and maintenance, especially during difficult times such as summer and winter. Sometimes, a tree may have a damaged structure due to neglect and you will not see it until it is too late and the tree has fallen on its roots or split in two. Our Tree doctors and arborists are great at identifying potential problems and providing the right solution before things get worse.

Signs of Sick Trees

You should look for these symptoms in trees, a great tree doctor like us can provide a steady solution for you.

  • First of all, the formation of insects is a major sign of illness – you can mark this occurrence in the presence of holes in tree leaves, branches, and bark
  • In addition to showing dry growth, the flowers of the sick tree and the leaves usually fall off before autumn.
  • Also, their branches may bend badly or may even fall off completely
  • In some cases, the bark may show signs of illness (cracking)
  • Significantly, the leaves can also, show signs of degeneration – strong white color or show fungal infections
  • Not only do sick trees challenge themselves, but more importantly, they are dangerous to humans as well. In their sickness, the chances of trees falling and causing damage to your property are much higher than healthy trees. Involve the services of Forest Hill Forestry (tree doctor). With more information, we will help you to identify tree problems and provide treatment. Usually, treatment of diseased trees includes; branch trimming, aeration, root extraction, the use of nutrient additives, and water-repellent solutions for deep roots. Next, if your trees are in a state , we will advise you to remove the diseased tree from your property.