Tree Trimming

According to many arborists, tree trimming should be done on an annual or perhaps seasonal basis. If your tree is growing in an uncontrollable manner then you should consider trimming it. It is very necessary to do so otherwise they will just grow waywardly. Some people think that tree removal is the best way to get rid of them but its removal is not the only option. If you want your tree to stay in your backyard or lawn then you should consider trimming them. Nowadays, tree trimming is not as difficult as it was before. There are a lot of professional tree care companies providing extensive tree care and tree trimming services. For a common homeowner, it is very difficult to know how or when to trim. This is where they should ask for professional help.

Reasons for Tree Trimming

  • Trimming is good for accelerating or promoting tree growth. It makes sure that a tree is healthy for growth and development.
  • Trimming trees encourages the production of fruits and leaves on trees.
  • Removing extra, dead, or diseased wood is a major reason for the trimming of trees.
  • Thick branches can decrease light penetration so tree trimming is a good way to increase light penetration in trees.
  • Sometimes tree trimming is done to control the wayward growth of trees. It slowdowns their growth.
  • Neglected tree health can be reinvigorated by trimming and pruning them. It really helps a lot.
  • You can also shape or reshape the tree the way you want by trimming them.

Ideally, tree trimming should be done when the tree is newly planted. It plays a key role in developing the tree’s strength and vigor. This may not always be possible as a tree in need of trimming or pruning may have been existing even before the home-owner took possession of the property. If we talk about the best or appropriate time for Tree Trimming Ottawa, it depends upon the kind or species of the tree. But there is a general time for trimming the trees depending on how it proves useful to the tree.

Tree Trimming

Healthier Trees

Trimming of trees helps in the removal of braches that can be dangerous for the health of the tree. This ensures that the disease doesn’t spread to the whole tree. Cutting off small branches also allows the growth of healthier and stronger branches that can overcome the atrocities of a storm.


Fruit and flowering trees (if they got neglected or overgrown).

  • For beauty and aesthetic appeal.


Trimming could be done to repair the damage or to improve the tree’s overall health.There can be some exceptions in cases like diseased and deadwood. It is advised to remove them irrespective of the time and season.

Beginning of Spring

Evergreen trees that flower in May (deciduous trees).

  • To reinvigorate their strengths and maintain their shape, size, and density.
Tree Trimming Ottawa

Tree Trimming (The How)

Tree trimming is of paramount importance so it must be done the right way to get the best results. It should not be done indiscriminately. There is a proper way to achieve that strength, vigor, and aesthetic appeal. There are certain guidelines that professional tree servicers use.

  • Branches with narrow or V-shaped angles are trimmed. These branches are known to be weaker.
  • No cuts are made near the trunk or branch collar because it can lead to infestation and infections.
  • Tree crown is thinned out the best when the branches are young.
  • Live branches are maintained at 2/3 of the tree height.
  • No large or long stub is left behind.
  • Horizontal branches are spaced out as equidistant as possible.
  • Trees are thinned out selectively. No more than 20% of the tree is removed at any time.
  • Appropriate equipment and tools are used for trimming trees.
  • Professional Tree Trimming Ottawa is available at very affordable rates.

Types of Tree Trimming

Before getting to trim your trees, you should know the minor differences between different types of tree trimming. Every type has its own benefits and specifications. The type of tree trimming is determined by the way the tree appears. Their appearance will help you greatly in deciding which tree trimming type is right for your tree.

Fine Pruning

The removal of small tree branches and limbs to improve their appearance is done by fine pruning, it makes your trees look more appealing to your guests and visitors.

Standard Trimming

This trimming type involves cutting of heavy branches and limbs off the tree to make it look more representable and appealing.

Hazard Trimming

This type of trimming usually involves cutting off the branches which can prove to be fatal and dangerous for the tree. Normally, the branches that have diameters greater than 2 inches are cut down.

Crown Reduction Trimming

This type of trimming involves cutting off branches that can prove to be very dangerous during storms. It is more like Hazard Trimming.Before trimming or pruning trees, these are the types you should know about. You can’t just trim your trees any way you want. Every type has its own benefits and consequences if done wrong/ the best way to ensure ultimate results by hiring a professional tree care company. Tree trimming Toronto are a great way to make sure your trees stay healthy and are not a threat to your property.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Being a homeowner can be difficult because you have to manage your property in a better way. You have to keep the environment clean and tidy. It is always your responsibility to look after your trees and shrubs. If they are overgrowing or they have got diseases then it means it will give your lawn a bad and unattractive look. Some homeowners find it very difficult and technical to trim their trees but there is some good news for them. You don’t have to worry because professional tree trimming Toronto provides extensive and ultimate tree care and give your lawn a classy look. The following are some of the benefits of tree trimming.

Healthier Trees

Trimming of trees helps in the removal of braches that can be dangerous for the health of the tree. This ensures that the disease doesn’t spread to the whole tree. Cutting off small branches also allows the growth of healthier and stronger branches that can overcome the atrocities of a storm.

Detect Possible Tree Problems

Trimming your trees will detect any kind of problems very early so you can report it to a specialist to avoid any major issues. This is a very beneficial method to detect any diseases or issues in the tree.

Sunlight Exposure

Trimming trees increases their exposure to sunlight and it also improves the circulation of air. This overall improves its fruit production.


Trimming trees is a very cost-effective method to keep your tree safe from any diseases or health issues. If your trees are healthier, you won’t have to spend on tree care services.

Value Addition to the Environment

When trees grow, they don’t grow in a very regular way. Some of the branches are lying low and some of them are lying very high. To avoid this irregular growth of trees, trim them every month.

Damage Prevention

Depending upon the location of your tree in your compound, it may be necessary to trim them regularly. If they are located near your garage or pool, their overgrowth can do some damage if not trimmed.

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