Tree Services

Tree services

Tree services

When you are in need to have your trees landscaped or even completely removed, FOREST HILL FORESTRY can provide the Tree services that you require. Trees are important part of our landscapes and it’s important to take care of them. If not trimmed or pruned at proper time the branches can fall off and can pose a risk for your property and people. Failure to maintain trees at proper time may lead to several accidents. In order to avoid damage or injury make sure that your trees are properly maintained at all times. Our team of tree services Toronto can provide you with periodic and annual maintenance of the trees.

Reliable, Fast and Affordable Services

No matter what tree services you require you can expect fair prices. The price that we commit with you is the price that you pay. We don’t give surprises to our clients; our team will complete the project on time and under budget. We just don’t chop down the trees and branches instead our team of tree services Mississauga pays proper attention while analysis the condition of the tree and then apply the techniques needed for the healthy growth or even removal of it. No job is big or small for us. When a job is handed over to us we ensure to provide our clients exceptional services. With years of experience you can rely on our team that the job will be done right from the very beginning. We are determined that your trees get the service that they need and at competitive prices. Our team of tree services etobicoke will not leave the premises until all the procedures of the project are met. Whether it is tree removal or tree cutting our objective is to deliver is to satisfy our client with our services.

Our team of tree services etobicoke specializes in all areas of tree services. Our tree services include

Our Services


Stump Removal/Grinding

Depending on the project in certain cases stump removal can get difficult, especially if the tree is very old and has deep roots.

Tree Pruning

To keep your property’s tree healthy and beautiful the process of tree pruning is crucial. With the help of regular tree pruning.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Our team at Forest Hill Forestry are extremely passionate about trees. We love all trees, but sometimes when a tree becomes hazardous.


Hazardous Trees / Storm Damage

A bad storm can damage many things, including the sturdiest and the strongest trees.

Site cleanup

Site Cleanup

At Forest Hill Forestry we are happy to provide site cleanup services.

Brush Removal and Chipping

Brush Removal and Chipping

When your yard is overrun with brush and unwanted plants and debris, then brush removal and chipping from Forest Hill Forestry is the right service for you.

Deep Root Feeding/Fertilization

Deep Root Feeding/Fertilization

There are several factors that ensure the growth of healthy trees. Having good nutrient dense soil is one of them. With the help of Forest Hill Forestry.


Debris Removal

The process of removing trees and unwanted branches can result in a lot of debris, which can be a pain and difficult to remove.


TPZ- Tree Protection

Forest Hill Forestry offers a range of services to keep your trees in healthy. Having over 10 years of experience.

Arborist Report

Arborist Services and Arborist Reports

Our arborists focus on the health and safety of the trees. The Arborists at Forest Hill Forestry have in-depth knowledge of tree growth, tree diseases.

With FOREST HILL FORESTRY, tree services Mississauga you can be confident that the job is in the right hands

Why you Should Choose Us?

We love to serve our community and our environment. We have years of experience of tree services and bespoke landscaping. No matter how complicated and difficulty a task might be with our team of tree services Mississauga can make it easy for you. We work closely with all clients’ to deliver them exactly what their needs might be. From huge tree removal to landscaping support, our team of tree services Mississauga can do it all for you. We are always ready to hit the road and to take over next project. If you are planning to make most out of your outdoor then give us a call and our team of tree services etobicoke will help you with your needs.

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